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zaterdag 13 december 2008



What are we suppose to be in this world?
What is our place, our specialty?
These days it seems that women are everywhere, in advertisements, billboards, commercials... And most of the time its not about the person it self, but always about the way they look. What parfume they where, what kind of make up do they use to look that way, or on tv, in movies and musicvideo's their....naked....not always, but most of them are, right? Let me know if Im wrong...
I think I might have lost a litle bit if what I could really be as a women, I got misled by all these images, and started to believe that that was truth. I started to live by the rules of these images, and somtimes still do. We all know how hard it is not to right?
The life of a "lady" is not as simple as we sometimes think it might be. We yearn for safety, comfort and love and we wanna be treaded like princesses, and find that one treu love just like that. Without to much effort, and lots of romance...

Im reading a book called "SHE" written by Rebecca ST james, and Lynda Hunter Bjorklund. Its a very intence book, and teaches about the kind of WOMEN God wants us to be.
Honestly...I skip some pages, just because they are so confronting and it hurts. I dont like to be hurt...
Ill read them when I finish the rest I promise.

Do you know what it takes to be the women God intended you to be? I sure like to give all the answers to you, but I dont have them either. I meen, the bible does show some exemples of really strong and cool women. Like Esther, and Sarah, or Mariah who gave birth to our Savior Jesus Christ. And what about Ruth, a women full of pain after her husband died and by the grace of God found new Love and saved her family.
Its hard in this world, in our day to day life to live up to be a women that God wants us to be. We wanna shine, we wanna be notesed, we need love and need to be cared for right? And some of us do the weirdest things to get that. We set a side our pride and shame somtimes to get attention from that special person, or we take on a job that is not what we expected it to be, but pays very very well, so you'll have all that money, but you're not happy.
Where does it stop? I always believed that that moment would be when you found that one treu love, because from that moment on you dont have to do it on your own anymore... I know better now.
So what does God want from you and me?
Its very hard to find the answer at least for me it is. One of my friends gave me a very simple advise though..
Just live life, and with every step you take, take it together with God. Make Him part of the dissisions you make and show him your doubts, your fear, just your life in general.
Sounds very simple ey? But do we really do that? I dont believe that the girls on MTV, while they're shaking their buds in front the camera's, or me when Im going out dancing and hook up with random guys, truly involve God in that moment. I rather have Him wait outside of the club and catch me when I walk out.
But its time to change that.
God loves us women. He created us.
Im gonna do this, every step I take, work, family, lovelife, going out, dancing, art,writing, singin' all the things in my life that I love to do, and I want to grow in, I have to share them with God. I want to grow with Him, not like before on my own, and on my terms.
What kind of women are we ment to be?

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