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zaterdag 12 juli 2008


I have many and they're all different! Some live close, others I have to find on the other side of the world! But I love them!

And some I see a lot, others I catch up with every year, month or sometimes even after 2 or 3 years. But its always good, and never weird, even though time has passed! (You who Im talking bout right NYorker?!)
I feel very blessed with all these people around me. With facebook, myspace, hyves, twitter, and all those other "stupid" network its so freaking esey to keep in contact, that we sometimes forget what its like to actually put an effort in friendship. Ive realized more and more how importend all my peeps are to me.
I have friends that I can call in the midle of the night and cry with for hours, or just crack up over the most silly things. Friends that will remind me sometimes who I am, and what should be importend in my life. I have friends that I can go out with and wont yell at me when I act crazy or funny.

Yeah, I have to say, I prob have the most amazing friends ever...all over the world, and I keep making new ones! I love that part of life, meeting new people figgering out what they are all about. Sometimes I hit my head as we call that in dutchland, when you think you can trust someone or think someone is a friend. That only happend a few times, and it helps me realize who are my real friends! I am soooo blessed!
So you guys and you know who Im talking about! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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