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donderdag 22 januari 2009

smashing windows and scary noizes...

Its past midnight when Im going to bed at my work. I have a nightshift wich meens, I have the responsibliti over 20 young people, while their sleeping.
But afte half an hour, I hear weird sounds coming from downstairs... It freaks me out. Sounds like someone is banging his head against the walls (i work with disabled kids...).
But after 2 hours we (a colege and me) find out, that somone broke in to the room below me, and smashed the window with a stone. Blood is on the floor, and the safe is outside, empty, all the money gone.. :(

We fallow the trail of blood and it leeds up to one of the kids room (26 years old). Its very sad, but one of our own kids stole money from us. He is so broke and addicted to drugs and didnt know what else to do, so he decided to take his chance... Unbelieveble.

One litle miracle, the litle kids I was looking out for upstairs where all a sleep, and didnt hear a thing! If they would have woken up....men, I dont even wanna think of what would have happend, but a lot of panic!

Anyways, after the police showed up and I gave them all the information I had, they took the litle thief with them, with my colege.
I didnt sleep that night, offcourse, adrenaline was rushing trough my vains and my head kept spinning. I think I was kind of blaming my self.

Another nightshift is waiting for me tommorrow...yay....not....

but just so all of you know... I have amazing co workers, and I love my job!!!

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