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dinsdag 24 maart 2009


Youve been on my mind a lot for the last two years... I cant egnore you anymore, so I took steps to come and see you... again.
But I think this time its for real. I just wrote the base in Tanzania another email after they replied positive to my last one.
Its gonna be interesting if I do decide to go over there sooner than later. Where am I gonna get the oney from...
Dutch people are not the most generous once you know.
I will have to save and ask for money from friends I guess. DOnt know if I could do that, ask... not to give it back to them.
But I feel...I want to go. And at the same time I am scared.
Can you hear me???

I think he's busy.

It will all become clear I guess. Im just gonna take this process step by step...
adn hopfuly take off sooner than later!

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